Solo Project – Trumpet & Electronics @ Testing Grounds

An electro-acoustic music project aiming to closely link together the performer and the electronic processing of the acoustic sounds. Usually, electronic sound and processing must be operated separately from playing an instrument. By tracking the movements of the trumpet valves, this project aims to allow the performer to just play, with the electronics controlled entirely by how the instrument moves.


Duo Project with Bianca Gannon(piano/gamelan) – Lebowskis Dev Res IV

Lebowskis have offered us three concerts through their Dev Res program! We will be experimenting with different rhythmic ideas & live electronic processing.

New work for Kitty Xiao’s 6 Piano Project

I’ll be writing a new work for 4 piano’s for this unique project – 6 pianos & 6 pianists in a warehouse.  Should be an incredible sound!



Previous/Completed Projects:

(Also see the bio page for some other things I’ve done)

University of Melbourne Orchestra Conducted by Benjamin Northey

I was properly excited to be able to write a new orchestral work for the University of Melbourne Orchestra in 2015, which was performed in Melbourne and Sydney and conducted by the brilliant Benjamin Northey.  Entitled ‘Natural Light Below’, the piece was inspired by my experience exploring a cave system near Margaret River in West Australia.

Trombone Choir Piece for SliderAsia (Hong Kong)

I was asked to write a new work for the University of Melbourne trombone choir, which was performed at the 2015 SliderAsia trombone festival in Hong Kong.  The piece – ‘Dry Submerged – Windswept Still’ makes the most of the colours available in the ensemble, especially through mutes.  Listen here!

Commission for ‘Three’ (Trumpet, Trombone, Guitar)

This must be one of the more unique instrumental combinations going round, and given the calibre of the musicians will really be a treat to write! Don Immel, Joel Brennan and Ken Murray make up ‘Three’, and apart from being exceptional musicians, they’re into using electronics too… My piece ‘Despite Our Silent Elders’ follows the life cycle of an Australian eucalyptus tree, starting as a mature giant gently dropping seeds, the new seedlings growing towards adolescence as saplings, then maturing to again drop seeds. Each stage I thought about the various influences on a tree’s growth – climate, soil, sunlight, even bushfire. The sparse, almost static opening starts off the cycle, attempting to reflect the imagined wisdom a grand old tree could hold.

New work for Ben Anderson – Bass Trombone and Laptop

Bass trombonist Ben Anderson invited me to compose a new solo piece for his Masters recital, including using interactive electronics.  I based the piece on two American themes; the music of Charles Mingus and the artwork of Jasper Johns, while using MaxMSP to capture the trombone sound and transform the single instrument into a larger soundscape.  Audio available here, and a review of the premiere here

Collaboration with Brad Linde Expanded Ensemble and Bohemian Caverns Jazz Orchestra

Jazz-gallery-picIn August 2014, I was able to travel to Washington DC, New York and Baltimore to perform and conduct some of my music for large jazz ensembles.  I was in awe of the musicians we were able to work with, including reuniting with friends from the 2013 Banff Jazz and Creative Music workshop.  Better still, in New York we performed at the famous Jazz Gallery, and the ensemble included musicians from the bands of Darcy James Argue, Dave Douglas and Maria Schneider.  The full ridiculous jazz-famous-people list is here

Atlantic Music Festival 2014

It was a fantastic experience to attend the Atlantic Music Festival, located in the beautiful state of Maine, USA.  For four weeks I was able to learn from a huge variety of prominent American composers, take in daily performances of music old and new, premiere a new work of my own, and workshop an orchestral piece.  Read more about this amazing program here

New commissioned work for Syzygy Ensemble

syzygy_logoIt was a pleaseure to compose a new work for the Melbourne based quintet, Syzygy Ensemble.  The work was been commissioned by the Melbourne Recital Centre and was premiered during the 2014 Metropolis New Music Festival. Watch a video of the piece here


WAYJO Composer-in-Residence Program

wayjopicI’m very grateful for the opportunity to write new big band works for the West Australian Youth Jazz Orchestra as it’s 2014 Composer-in-Residence.  The extended work was  premiered in Perth in May 2014, by the WAYJO Composers Ensemble, during the Perth International Jazz Festival.  Listen to an excerpt here



Horizon Art Orchestra

HAO photo1Horizon Art Orchestra is a 15-piece modified big band that specialises in performing new Australian compositions, usually by emerging composers.  The ensemble released it’s first recording in 2012, called Live at the Bird, available for purchase online here.  Formed by Elliott Hughes and Daniel Connor in 2011, the ensemble quickly gained a reputation for energetic performances and innovative new compositions. Read more about the group here

Melbourne Symphony Orchestra Cybec 21st Century Emerging Composers Program

Cybec_orchestraThrough this project I was able to compose a new work for orchestra and have it performed in concert by the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.  Read my reflections about the project here




2013 Banff Centre International Workshop in Jazz and Creative Music


I felt really privileged to attend this program in May/June 2013.  I met some outstanding musicians from around the globe, learnt from some of the best musical minds alive today, all set in the beautiful national park surrounded by snow-capped mountains.  It truly was the most remarkable and inspiring three weeks, and if you’ve ever thought about applying to go, you definitely should!! Read more info about the program here!



2013 Australian Youth Orchestra Composers Program

As part of the AYO’s National Music Camp in Adelaide, I took part in this program and wrote a piece for chamber orchestra, called All Already.  Along with three other young composers, we buckled down and each wrote a new piece in around 10 days! Expertly mentored throughout by James Ledger, the new works were rehearsed and performed by tutors and students at the camp, who really brought the music to life!! Info about the program here


One Night Echo Theatre Production

One Night EchoIn 2012 I was commissioned to write the music for a new contemporary theatre production, called One Night Echo.  Produced by the Duckhouse Theatre Company, it was premiered at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art and performed live each night.  The band was trumpet, guitar, electric bass and drums, and included notated and improvised sections.  It also featured live and pre-prepared electronics.  Watch a short video of the production here!


JUMP Mentorship Program and National Tour (2010)

In 2010 I was awarded a JUMP Mentorship from the Australia Council, which enabled me to complete a national tour as a guest composer with some of the country’s leading jazz ensembles. These included the Bennetts Lane Big Band (Melbourne), West End Composers Collective (Brisbane), Sydney Conservatorium Jazz Orchestra, the Mace Francis Orchestra (Perth), Mike Stewart Big Band (Adelaide) and ATM15 (Melbourne). Through this I was able to perform a set of original compositions in concert with each group, as well as conducting and rehearsing the music.  I also met some great musicians and learnt a heap about big band music and how these ensembles are run, mentored throughout by Mace Francis

The JUMP Mentorship program runs annually, it’s a great opportunity to develop a substantial project with help a mentor of your choice!!