Solo percussion piece

I recently finished a composition for Solo percussionist, another opportunity to arise from my 2014 travels to the USA.  Colleen Bernstein, a percussion student at the Eastman School of Music, asked me to write a high-energy work for unpitched percussion instruments.  The result is “Trying to Sit Still on the Ark”, a reference to my choice of instruments being in two’s (two bongos, two tom-toms etc.).  I hope to be able to share a recording of it here soon!

Underdogs, with regrets – for bass trombone and electronics

Melbourne bass trombonist Benjamin Anderson invited me to compose a new piece for his 2014 Masters recital.  I chose to include live interactive electronics and four-speaker setup, capturing the trombone sound live then manipulating and replaying it in different ways throughout the piece.  Musically I took inspiration from the music of jazz great Charles Mingus, taking various elements of his compositions and casting them through my own compositional ideas.  The piece ended up with a bluesy influence amongst some ethereal atmospheric sounds, transitioning to more dense textures and lyrical passages.  Hopefully I’ll have some audio or video to share soon!

Ben is also performing this piece in New York at the New School, alongside the other outstanding new Australian works he commissioned for his recital.


I’ve been quite fortunate of late in securing some regular work.  Aside from my conducting role with the Monash Jazz Orchestra, I’ve been tutoring orchestration at Melbourne University, and recently taken up a position at Maribyrnong Secondary College as an instrumental brass tutor.  I’ve really enjoyed teaching again, and also enjoyed being paid…$$$$$$