Horizon Art Orchestra

Horizon Art Orchestra is a 15-piece ensemble for new, creative big band music. Based in Perth and comprised of dynamic young musicians and improvisers from across Australia, HAO strives to present a high standard of performance for some challenging original music.


Since its establishment in 2010, HAO has operated without restrictions regarding genre, but with an emphasis on originality, imagination and creativity. Aiming to present something unique with each performance has lead to the accumulation of an extremely diverse repertoire of music, ranging from intricate rock based compositions to multi-metre contemporary jazz, raucous Reich-influences to straight ahead Basie charts, elaborate pop arrangements to latin suites, and much more. Each member of HAO has a file overflowing with music from composers within the band, featured artists and special guest musicians.
HAO released it’s first recording, Live at the Bird, in 2012.  It features five tracks, all recorded live and unedited.  There’s a neat review of it here, and you can listen to and purchase it here.
Consisting of musicians predominantly from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts jazz stream, HAO composers have at their disposal a multitude of some of the finest young improvisers in Perth. The combination of passionate, virtuosic musicians and improvisers with inventive and unpredictable compositions makes for some very spontaneous and exciting musical experiences.
To listen to more tracks you can visit Horizon Art Orchestra’s soundcloud page.