Atlantic Music Festival

In July 2014, I attended the Atlantic Music Festival in the beautiful state of Maine, USA.  I was a participant in the composition program, working with chamber ensembles, the AMF orchestra, and the electroacoustic music faculty.  The range of musical styles, opinions and ideas was incredibly broad, with a rotating composition faculty of some of America’s leading composers.  These included:

  • Rob Patterson
  • Ken Ueno
  • David Ludwig
  • Michael Harrison
  • George Tsontakis
  • Nils Vigeland
  • Eric Ewazen
  • Sheridan Seyfried
  • Stephen Cabell

Some highlights included electroacoustic music sessions with Mari Kimura (Juilliard School), Jean-Baptistse Barriere (IRCAM), and Tom Zicarelli (Berklee/Cycling 74); mostly about interactive electronics and how best to incorporate them into performance without hindering the musicians ability to concentrate on the music itself.

I was also very fortunate to meet and work with many great young musicians, including premiering and recording a new work entitled “Dust and a Strong Economy”.  The orchestra read through and workshopped “After Ivy”, and I began work on a solo cello piece.  A very productive, very rewarding, very thought-provoking month!

This project was supported by an Australia Council for the Arts development grant, something I am very grateful for!

Here is the recording from the festival, recorded my Vicente Alexim (clarinets) and Andy Miller (percussion).