New Job – MoJO Conductor

I’m very pleased to announce I will be taking up a position with the Monash University Philharmonic Society, as the conductor for the organisations big band – called the Monash Jazz Orchestra (MoJO).  The MUPS has been running for over 30 years and is a big part of the student societies at Monash, with around 100 students taking part across three large ensembles.  MoJO will be presenting three major concerts with the other ensembles during the year, the first on the 10th May, with a few other concerts thrown in along the way.  I’m really looking forward to getting started rehearsing some great music with the band, from the classic big band repertoire to some hip new stuff!

I’d very much like to thank the MUPS committee for giving me the opportunity to work with the organisation, and can’t wait to get stuck in making awesome big band music with the members.




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